Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poetry Competition !!

We are having an informal poetry competition in our office these days. Everyone has to write a poetry of about 50 words or more. Poetry should start either "तेरे आने कि आस हैं, तुझे पाने कि प्यास हैं!" (Tere aane ki aas hain, tujhe paane ki pyaas hain) or "ना तेरे आने कि आस हैं, ना तुझे पाने कि प्यास हैं!" (Naa tere aane ki aas hain, Naa tujhe paane ki pyaas hain) and then is should be sent to everyone so that others can respond to it in their own ways on the thread. Intially we were apprehensive of the idea, but it's been working well and we are having fun. So much so that we decided that we will also have the poetry reading with our Friday fun activities, due coming Friday. I will be posting here my writings and select writings / responses from others too & yes ofcourse the winning entry. So, stay tuned for some interesting poetries from the amateurs who barely know what a poetry is.. :)


Pappul 9/25/08, 2:02 PM  

tere aane ki aas hai ... tujhe paane ki pyaas hai ... tu yahaan kyu nahi, dil kitna udaas hai, tere bina kuch bhi nahi khaas hai ... kuch hi bachi ab saans hai ... ab naa tere aani ki aas hai aur naa hi tujhe paani ki pyaas hai ... kya bolta?

PJ 9/25/08, 2:15 PM will be some fun to read all the poems. Aur badhiyan hai ki tumhare yaha Fun Friday hota hai.

Vikash Kumar 9/25/08, 2:30 PM  

Kya baat hain Beri.. "Tumhari ye Chaar Panqtiyan wakai mein lajawaab hain" :)

@Prashant yes interesting toh zaroor hongi aur humne hamare Friday ko fun banaya hain for last few months.. We have some discussion, TP or anything we like every 2nd and 4th Friday.. and every 2nd Friday we have company dinner/movie :)

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