Monday, April 9, 2007

Debugging crashses/dumps using objdump

objdump is a useful tool for statically resolving symbols for core-dumps for a given
binary. It's equivalent xscale utility is known as xscale-elf-objdump.
you can ref. the man page for objdump to know how to use it, but here is the gist of
it ...

if for a given core-dump the PC points to address 61b34.

just type the following.

xscale-elf-objdump -S proSUN.elf --start-address=0x61b34 --stop-addres=0x61c00 -l

in listing3.txt you will find the following.

00061b34 :
mptscsih_detect(): /ecos-c/redhat/proSUN_new_auto/drivers/lsi/mptscsih.c:1414
Q_INIT(&hd->pendingQ, MPT_DONE_Q);

mem = hd->memQ;
for (ii=0; ii <>can_queue; ii ) {
freedoneQ = (MPT_DONE_Q *) mem;
61b34: e51bc040 ldr ip, [fp, -#64]
61b38: e50bc028 str ip, [fp, -#40]
Q_ADD_TAIL(&hd->freeQ.head, freedoneQ, MPT_DONE_Q);
61b3c: e51bc020 ldr ip, [fp, -#32]

which might make more sense to you.


Monday, April 2, 2007

The bitter taste of inhumanity

On a typical Monday morning, I am sitting in my scarcely populated office clearing the backlog of mails accumulated over the weekend. Suddenly some kind of noise distracts us all. In a matter of seconds we realized it was not a noise, it was a man howling and screaming in agony and It was quite clear and sounded very close. I tried to peep out of the nearby window but couldn't see anything but the screams kept getting louder, Now I could hear that some one is crying to call a doctor. I was distracted and disturbed and when I turned back and to my surprise I saw all of my colleagues sitting straight-faced in their comfortable chairs, eyes glued to their monitors as if nothing has happened. I was disgusted, but I didn't have time to reflect about their indifference and inhumanity.

I rushed outside and in couple of minutes I found the troubled soul. To my relief, there wasn't any visible physical injury on his body. May be it was some kind of attack. He lie semiconsciously encircled by many humans, who were just standing there doing nothing. I asked one of them, is there any hospital near by. He replied yes there is a hospital just next to this building but its a pity no one is taking him there. I felt like kicking him hard but I decided against it and rushed outside of the colony to get an auto rickshaw so that I can get him to hospital. But that wasn't needed anymore as I saw a doctor reaching us, escorted by someone. I felt gratitude towards that generous soul for doing his bit and not waiting for someone else to do it.

The doctor gave him some sedative and instantly the screams became moans and then there was silence. The doctor asked everyone to leave that their presence was absolutely unnecessary there and I also returned to my work. But this incidence left the bitter taste of inhumanity, which is growing at a rapid rate among us - the humans.


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