Monday, July 28, 2008

Zafrani Zing

Zafrani Zing is an Indian restaurant in Lane 7 of Koregaon Park, opposite to Koyla. Restaurant on the first look looks an average place with not a lot of space. But it starts to look interesting the moment you are offered the special & the regular menus. The menu has a lot of variety to offer, there are some unique indian dishes on the offing along with the regular ones. They claim that Kebabs and Biryanis are their speciality and they actually offer some really good kebabs and Biryanis. I won't say it was the best I ever tasted but yes it was certainly better than the most.

Biryanis are not authentic, and they are modified to suit the preference of locals but they certainly have done a good job at that. As the taste is quite good and enjoyable. Most interesting thing I found was some fusion dishes, which have western ingredients and indian preparation.. on the similar lines they have some fusion desserts and they sound like Chocomosa (chocolate filled samosa with ice cream), Gulab jamun with cake and some others. I am going to try them all in some time.. just the idea makes me drool a Dessert lover like me :)

I had an reservation there and still I had to wait to get a table.. that's the only problem I faced (may be because of the shortage of space there). But they sure compensated that by offering us a complementary kebab and a fusion dessert (gazar ka halwa with ice cream) to us. Which I was very impressed with. Most of restaurants will just apologize and escort you to another table. But not this one.

I found that they were going to have a couple food festival this week. In which they will make the evening special for the couple from their side. I don't know much details so you will have to findout on your own. But sure sounds like another interesting idea.

I was impressed with the new ideas, service and attention they provided us. I will surely visit this place again and will recommend it too.

Variety - Very good
Ambiance - Good (but not spacious).
Food - Good
Service - Very Good
Pricing - Above average (350 - 400 per person for a multi-course meal)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Drunken Wisdom - The Buffalo Theory



Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jaane tu ya Jaane na

I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and I found it's worth paying 150 bucks for a movie on a Tuesday night; which, now a days, is a rare occurrence ;) I recieved quite a simple and yet an effective review of the movie from my cousin Pushkar. Hence, I will just borrow it here.

Movie is truly good.. Especially the freshness and the simplicity of the movie…Songs and music are very beautiful.

Scenes that stand out in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na...
  1. Conversation between Jay and Aditi’s parents regarding their engagement. Funny!!
  2. Aditi wonders how the 5 years passed by; “On the phone beta”, says Jay’s mother. Too Good ;)
  3. Scene between Aditi and her brother Amit; his confession. Brilliant!!
  4. Scenes between Jay’s mother and his dead father, who talks from a portrait. Hilarious!!
  5. Club scene in which Jay rescues Meghana... Superb!!
  6. The chemistry in the gang of six friends. You will love it!!
  7. Aditi begins to realize her love for Jay only after Sushant (Manjari Phadnis) enters the scene. The jealousy, sadness and regret is executed and performed perfectly.
  8. Last sequence at airport.. Fantastic!!

Overall, the movie is quite enjoyable and is high on entertainment. If you’re looking for a movie on friendship and love; which makes you smile and laugh at times; then you shouldn't miss this one…
My rating is: 4 out of 5….


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Super Fun @ Chokhi Dhani

We went to Chokhi Dhani for our company party.. It's a Rajasthani theme village/resort 3 kms off Nagar road. The ambience and setting is just perfect and it actually makes you feel that you are visiting an ethnic village. People there are very polite, helpful and every one greets you with a cheerful "Ram Ram SA". They have many activities for you visitors to enjoy. Pottery, Bullock cart ride, camel ride, magician, folk dances, fire dance & fire show (amazing), rope walk, puppet show and many other acitivies.

we didn't have enough time to enjoy everything but we covered most of the things. It was a great experience.. When you are tired you can have snacks they serve and also the dinner. They serve very good Rajasthani thali where in you got to sit on a mat and the food is served on a small Chowki (in Hindi) or Chaurang (in Marathi).. Enjoy the food but make sure you keep some room for extra dessert at the end. Because when you are done they will come and request you to have some sweet on behalf of Chokhi Dhani, then your friends and many others.. Its quite interesting to see that because this type of hospitality I thought was limited to our specials guests back home.

Best part was this folk dance.. we danced like freaks on the folk music .. no body knew what he was doing but enjoyed it to the fullest .. which you can actually see in these videos :)


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