Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tribute to F.R.I.E.N.D.S (Part 2 of 6)


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Coleslaw Tomato Heaven Sandwich

I just concocted the recipe for "Coleslaw Tomato Heaven Sandwich" out of my many experiments I keep on doing for my breakfast. I just loved the sandwich way too much, hence I was forced to name it. So I coined a self explanatory name for it. I used Tomato slices mixed with coleslaw for filling and butter and Tomato ketchup for layering on bread slices. It was just yummy :) 


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tribute to F.R.I.E.N.D.S (Part 1 of 6)

Friends - The immensely popular and most addictive sitcom ever made. It tickled the funny bone of millions of people and at the same time touched their heart in many ways. It's one of its kind and will always be remembered by its countless fans. This 6 part video is a small tribute to all the friends . Lets start with part one....... Cheers Friends!!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Prank of the month

One of our colleague Gokul writes a storage blog named "Gokul On Storage" but some how this made more sense to us.....

Isn't he really on Storage? ;)


Thursday, September 14, 2006

BizAn wins the best storage management software award

Sun StorageTek Business Analytics code named "BizAn" wins the Big Byte award to prove it is the best storage management software available today.

Following are the winners in each of the 12 Big Bytes categories:

* Backup and Archiving -- Asigra Televaulting 6.0

* NAS -- BlueArc Titan 2000

* SAN -- Brocade Silkworm 4900

* Services -- Aptare StorageConsole

* Storage Network Security -- Spectra Logic BlueScale Encryption

* Storage Management Software -- Sun StorageTek Business Analytics software

* WAN Optimization -- Riverbed RIOS 3

* Large Enterprise User Excellence -- Kindred Healthcare (Vendor: Cisco)

* Small/Medium Enterprise User Excellence -- Saturday Night Live (Vendor: QLogic)

* Small/Medium Business User Excellence -- Fitchburg State College (Vendor: LeftHand Networks)

* Best Private Company -- EqualLogic

* Best Public Company -- AXS-One


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Setting up Remote Debugging in Visual Studio .Net 2003

Driver Machine – Machine on which Visual Studio editor will be running to debug the application( It will have the source code ).
Target Machine – Machine on which Binary to be debugged will be present.

Steps –
1) Create a user account on Target Machine with the same user name and password as on the Driver Machine which will be used to debug the application. User should be member of Administrators or Debugger Users.
2) Following is the list of files which need to be there on Target machine to be able to debug the application remotely.

File- Full remote debugging- Native only
coloader.dll X
coloader.tlb X
cpde.dll X
csee.dll X
csm.dll X
dbgproxy.exe X
dbghelp.dll X X
diasymreader.dll X
jsee.dll X
NatDbgDM.dll X X
NatDbgTLNet.dll X X
mcee.dll X
mcee_cs.dat X
mcee_mc.dat X
mdm.exe X
mdmui.dll X
msdbg2.dll X
msdis130.dll X
mssdi98.dll X
mspdb71.dll X
msvcmon.exe X X
msvcp71.dll X X
msvcr71.dll X X
pdm.dll X
psapi.dll X X
shmetapdb.dll X
sqldbg.dll X
vjee.dat X
vs7jit.exe X

(X X means the file is required for both full remote debugging and native debugging and X means its not needed for native remote debugging)

These files are required to start debug monitor “MSVCMON” on Target machine. In addition binary to be debugged must be present on target with required components to run.
Now start the debug monitor as “msvcmon -tcpip” – by default it starts in pipe mode

The Remote Debug Monitor (Msvcmon) executable is installed in the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Common7\Packages\Debugger directory.
you can find the required files from a Visual Studio.NET installation from above location.

3) Make sure the binary is build in debug mode .
4) We need to set some properties under Project Settings -> Debugging as follows

• Connection -> Remote via TCP/IP (Native Only)
(This not very secure way of doing it – pipe mode is more secure but slower also DCOM debugging should be used if security is an issue)
• Remote Machine -> IP of Target Machine
• Here Remote command should be set to the path to executable on Target Machine to debug.

Now you are all set to debug … set the break points or debug step by step. You can now debug the process on the Target machine as if it is on the local machine.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kanda Poha with Tomato twist!!

I decided to experiment a bit with the original "Kanda Poha" recipe and I could get really tasty dish out of it. All I did was add some slices of tomato to the Poha while sauteing the onions (Kanda) and used some fresh tomato slices to garnish the Poha once it was ready. Man it was looking and tasting great. I just couldn't resist myself from writing it out. So, here is the sample...


Monday, September 11, 2006

A great weekend of unlimited fun.

I talked about work work and work on this weekend. But what I completely missed out was how much fun I had. I think last sunday was quite an auspicious day because 2 most awaited picnics had to coincide that day. So, when I was having a lot of fun at Hans with my colleagues, at the same moment I was missing the ecstasy of being with my college pals on a memorable trip to Lohgadh. It really is a funny feeling to lose and gain a certain aspect at the same time. As pictures are worth a thousand words I have decided to give you a tour to what I had and what I missed on this saturday.

What I enjoyed...

What I missed...


You feel great when your efforts pay up!!

As I said in my last blog.. I was trying to solve a problem I couldn't reproduce. So, after a lot of brainstorming and code analysis. I came up with a hypothetical situation which could cause the exact problem. To prove my hypothesis I tweaked the source code to achieve the hypothesis I had in mind and sure enough I was able to produce the problem successfully. For the lack of better or another idea I went ahead and fixed the code to handle this situation. Now we could do nothing but to bet on this solution to work and this I stopped yesterday full of anticipation and restlessness because this bug was really really critical for us.

But with Monday we saw interesting turn of events. Our earlier efforts were proving to be more fruitful than we thought of. Interestingly idea of overloading the machine to stretch beyond the performable limits worked pretty well and we could reproduce the problem. This was the best which could happen in this situation as analyzing the message log provided solid foundations for my early hypothesis about the problem and we were sure that our all ready solution would work for sure. We celebrated this playing  TT for about an hour and now I am not feeling like working anymore. So let see what do I do :) 


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thought of the day

"If you think you can solve problems no matter how tough they are, try solving a problem which you cannot see."

My heart cried this out while trying to solve a problem, which I couldn't reproduce, all day.


Working on weekend

Its quite an interesting fact that this is the first time I am working on a weekend in my 2 years professional career. It has become so common for many of my friends but not for me. I like to enjoy my weekend away from work. And so I did on friday evening and Saturday. We were out to "Hans" resort enjoying our weekend on a company picnic. It was great fun and I am having all sorts of aches because of the booze, dancing, river crossing and 110 km journey to and fro.

But now we have got a critical issue at hand to resolve and that also by tomorrow evening. So here I am working in office and believe it or not I am enjoying it as well. Some of my colleagues will join me in due course of time today. So, I am getting back to work .. wish me luck :)

Have a Great Sunday.


Thursday, September 7, 2006

Templates are there to help you, not to bind you.

I believed in the above statement until I used Blogger's Blog templates. Blogger has, no doubt, an impressive collection of templates. However the display area for posts is quite narrow, due to which posts tend to look large despite the fact that most of the screen is just left unused.
So, I decided to edit the template to get the desired look. But editing a predefined template, believe me is not an easy task. It takes more than altering screen coordinates of the frames. Because all you can do by altering them is to get the broad display for the posts, but the vacant portion of the side bar is rendered white instead of the desired sidebar color.
To over come that I tried to reverse engineer how do they achieve to get the rendering right for the side bar and found out, that they actually use a background image like seen below for each template and use them to fill the complete display area for blog.

Which, I think, is a bad idea. Still to get my work done I took the original image, edited it according to the layout I wanted, published it and replaced the original with the new one. It was a bit of pain but I got what I wanted. Smart , huh :)


HBO picks Sun storage

This is the piece of news about my company and my favorite movie channel so thought of sharing it...

Sun Microsystems Inc. announced that Home Box Office (HBO) is now exclusively using Sun's workflow and storage products. HBO used Sun to make a transition from a video tape-based environment to a server-based storage and play-out system that enables high speed and 99.999% reliability to support its bicoastal network of 28 standard definition and four high-definition channels, as well as on-demand distribution. The new digital content management and delivery infrastructure is comprised of Sun StorEdge NAS systems, Solaris 10 OS, Sun Fire servers, and Sun Java integration with Grass Valley Profile and K2 play-to-air systems from Thomson.

Isn't it cool :)


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