Monday, September 11, 2006

You feel great when your efforts pay up!!

As I said in my last blog.. I was trying to solve a problem I couldn't reproduce. So, after a lot of brainstorming and code analysis. I came up with a hypothetical situation which could cause the exact problem. To prove my hypothesis I tweaked the source code to achieve the hypothesis I had in mind and sure enough I was able to produce the problem successfully. For the lack of better or another idea I went ahead and fixed the code to handle this situation. Now we could do nothing but to bet on this solution to work and this I stopped yesterday full of anticipation and restlessness because this bug was really really critical for us.

But with Monday we saw interesting turn of events. Our earlier efforts were proving to be more fruitful than we thought of. Interestingly idea of overloading the machine to stretch beyond the performable limits worked pretty well and we could reproduce the problem. This was the best which could happen in this situation as analyzing the message log provided solid foundations for my early hypothesis about the problem and we were sure that our all ready solution would work for sure. We celebrated this playing  TT for about an hour and now I am not feeling like working anymore. So let see what do I do :) 


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