Thursday, September 7, 2006

Templates are there to help you, not to bind you.

I believed in the above statement until I used Blogger's Blog templates. Blogger has, no doubt, an impressive collection of templates. However the display area for posts is quite narrow, due to which posts tend to look large despite the fact that most of the screen is just left unused.
So, I decided to edit the template to get the desired look. But editing a predefined template, believe me is not an easy task. It takes more than altering screen coordinates of the frames. Because all you can do by altering them is to get the broad display for the posts, but the vacant portion of the side bar is rendered white instead of the desired sidebar color.
To over come that I tried to reverse engineer how do they achieve to get the rendering right for the side bar and found out, that they actually use a background image like seen below for each template and use them to fill the complete display area for blog.

Which, I think, is a bad idea. Still to get my work done I took the original image, edited it according to the layout I wanted, published it and replaced the original with the new one. It was a bit of pain but I got what I wanted. Smart , huh :)


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