Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chilling your drink in two minutes.

Often we have got some bottled/canned drinks (beer/coke/juice etc) but can't drink it because its warm. Even if we put the drinks in freezer, it will take quite some time before its chilled.

This video demonstrates how to chill a drink really quick using just Ice, Water and some salt.

If you are wondering how is it possible to chill anything in two minutes. Well using salt in water decreases the freezing point of water that causes rapid melting of ice causing the temperature of water and so the drink to drop quickly. If it still doesn't make much sense to you you can read this document for a detailed geeky explanation of the complete process. It also gives you some fun tips to make ice cream at home using this technique.

So, lets beat the heat guyz.. Cheers!!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


On my way to office some insect hit me on my lower neck from front, but rather than going away it fell inside my shirt & when unable to get out started stinging. I realized what happened only after the first sting which triggered acute pain somewhere near my belly. I quickly pulled out my bike, somehow managing to avoid collision & skidding, to take out the insect which was stinging me relentlessly and I was feeling burning sensation and pain all over my belly & chest. Still sitting on my bike I unbuttoned my shirt and looked inside to see that it was a hornet which by then found its way out and flew away. I was relieved that it won't sting again but was also in sever pain. I was very near to my office so I decided to reach office first.

I was in office in a couple of minutes but I had no idea how to stop that pain, even none of my colleagues knew what to do. One of them suggested me to put some ice on it and immediately I was applying ice on the places where I was stinged. I could see 5 prominent patches with some swelling in the middle and it was still very painful. I rushed to a near by physician who asked me to apply some white vinegar using a cotton ball as first aid and gave me some medicines for pain & allergy. Vinegar was a quick relief and after few minutes of taking the medicines, the pain subsided. I applied it twice in the interval of 20-25 minutes after an hour there were no signs of swelling or red patches. I was surprised and happy by the quick recovery and I also know now what to do when a hornet stings :)

Thankfully I wasn't stung by a bee, because bees sting once and leave their stinger in the wound which keeps injecting venom in the skin causing pain & allergic reaction.

These are some general guidelines to follow when someone is stung by a bee / hornet / wasp

1) If it is a bee sting you need to TAKE OUT THE STINGER from the wound as soon as possible. The more you wait the worse the condition will get. So, pinch it out or scrape it off but do it.

2) Apply ice pack for few minutes it gives quite a relief.

3) Apply some vinegar (white) or baking soda mixed with water.

4) If the pain is too much you can take a pain killer or see a doctor.

Enough with the knowledge sharing now I just wish I never get stung again :)


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