Thursday, May 8, 2008

Server Error: "Bahut Nainsaafi hain"

Interesting & funny server errors I thought were limited to Google or Open source programmers... but while I was planning my movie on and I met the legendary "Gabbar". Actually, It couldn't connect to e-square's system and suddenly I saw a completely filmy error message. "Error: we have encoutered Gabbar" and I was smiling instead of getting frustrated. Have a look....


Drugs: banned but available in India

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the availability of drugs India which are banned in some countries of the world. This issue surfaces time and again, but nothing has been decided or made clear so far. So to be on the safer side we can work towards increasing awareness about these, allegedly, potential hazardous drugs. Many of these drugs are used as off-the-shelf drugs for common sicknesses like headache, fever or diarrhea. Some of the popular ones which I have personally consumed or have seen people around me consuming are D'Cold, Vicks Action 500, Nise, Enteroquinol & Lomofen.

Generic name


Reason for ban

Brand names(s)

1. Analgin


Bone-marrow depression

Novalgin, Baralgan

2. Cisapride

Acidity, constipation

Irregular heart beat

Ciza, Syspride

3. Droperidol


Irregular heart beat


4. Furazolidone



Furoxone, Lomofen*

5. Nimesulide

Pain-killer, fever

Liver failure

Nise, Nimulid

6. Nitrofurazone

Anti-bacterial cream


Furacin, Emfurazone,

7. Phenolphthalein




8. Phenylpropanolamine

Cold & cough


D'Cold*, Vicks Action 500*

9. Oxyphenbutazone


Bone marrow depression


10. Piperazine


Nerve damage

Piperazine, Helmazan*

11. Quiniodochlor


Damage to sight


* Denotes it is a combination product.
Analgin, Furazolidone and Nitrofurazone are banned for use even in animals in the United States.
Analgin is banned even in Nepal, Vietnam and Nigeria
(Reference: MIMS INDIA, September, 2005)



Monday, May 5, 2008

Introduction to SAS (Serial Attached SCSI)


Friday, May 2, 2008

Beat the heat!!

May 1st is Maharashtra day, labor day, a HOLIDAY :) & a dry day :( (which I discovered at EOD). In scorching sun, determined to beat the heat we decided to burn some rubber and drive to The Orchard resort. Its around 35 kms from Pune near the mini Balaji Temple in Narayanpur.

Thankfully the raid gods were in mood and we had chance to see some black clouds and it showered as well at some places in Pune. So, the temperature was not at its max now. We drove down the beautiful highway on Pune-Satara road and its was a treat to drive.

I am sure the heat took a toll on our senses cause the first thing we were doing there was play in the children's park.. poor kids must have got scared as they left as soon as we entered ;)

Soon after this we changed and were enjoying the water .. It was really pleasing to be in mildly cold water on that sunny day. Unfortunately there were some broken tiles in the pool and my brother had cut his fingers with it. After giving him first aid and camera (as he was out of water & had nothing to do) I returned to water (sure after making sure the tiles were covered by mat). We played in water until we were told that its lunch time and we should continue post lunch so we followed. Although, Lunch was not very great but I enjoyed the ice creams. Then we decided against going in water and played table tennis, badminton, pool and it was already time to leave.

Following our original plan we went to Balaji mandir which is just 10 minutes drive from there & a treat to watch in the evening with the lights ON. We then returned to Pune by 9pm. It was an amazing trip as we enjoyed a lot and tired ourselves playing whole day.

Now all we (me & my cousin) wanted was couple of chilled beers and food before going to sleep and it was then we found out it was a dry day as well. We were too tired to try & find beer on dry day and I had 2 pints in my fridge. So we settled on that and concluded the day.

I genuinely thank all the people who chose to come rather than informing about their last minute cancellations ;)

So, Cheers to Orchard!!


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