Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First ad of Proware in India..

Today Proware released its first every advertisement in Indian market. The ad was published in the leading job/hiring newspaper in India the Times Ascent, 29th August 2007. The advertisement is for our currently open hiring positions and not for sales.

But I guess its not long before Proware starts its full fledge sales advertisement campaign for Indian markets as well. After all India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and everyone wants to reap benefits from it...

Here is the ad which was published today...


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quality time at work

This is my post after a very long time and I have been really very busy all this time. Had been toTaiwan on a 2 months business trip to start a new module and after coming back had been working hard on it to finish in the estimated deadline. Its been a very interesting experience. My intermediate deadlines went for a toss, thanks to our ultimately complex product which is still in its early stages (even 1.0 is not yet released).

I encountered and solved so many situations about which I had only read in the OS and DB fundamentals or never heard about them at all. So, Its been a very rewarding experience well.
Finally I am relaxed as my module is quite stable now and so I can breathe easy.. and I completed the whole thing as estimated, so It gives me a reason to cheer about as well. Also now I have more interesting problems to solve and so all I can say is.. It just keeps getting better and better :)

Apart from work there have been many things to look after such as crashing stock markets, investments, health care and believe me its all really boring.. but have to live with it :(

Thanks to the nice movies which were released during this time... which really helped me destress.... some of the movies I watched & liked are
1) Meet the Robinsons
2) Spiderman 3
3) Fantastic 4
5) Zodiac
6) Bheja Fry
7) Chak de India
8) Transformers

Quite a lot of good movies In this short duration, lucky me... Now I am looking forward to "Ratatouille" :)


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