Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Banglore: The Silicon valley of India

Bangalore is truely the Silicon valley of India. Every nook and corner you will find an IT company and all the IT big shots or have presense in Bangalore like Intel, Microsoft, HP, EMC, Google, nVidia, Trilogy, Cisco, Dell, Yahoo, NetApp, Covansys, Sun, Adobe to name a few.

All the talks about Pune being the next IT destination and Pune being IT industry being sound absurd once you visit Banglore. Pune infrastructure is getting worse by day and which is doing good enough job to keep the big players out of Pune. To brief it in one sentence, Pune is minimum 5 years behind of Banglore in terms of public and IT infrastructure.

Bangalore's US$ 47.2 billion economy makes it a major economic centre in India. Indeed, Bangalore is India's fourth largest and fastest growing market. Bangalore's per capita income of US$ 6,460 is the highest for any Indian city. Banglore have 2nd highest literacy rate in India and Banglore Airport is the third busiest in India.

Home to prestigious colleges and research institutions, the city has the second-highest literacy rate among the metropolitan cities in the nation. However, as a large and growing metropolis in the developing world, Bangalore continues to struggle with problems such as air pollution, traffic congestion, and crime.
On my visit to Bangalore last week I realised that they are working hard to improve the public infrastructure to reduce traffic congestion but this is sure going to take a while.


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