Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Puzzle to puzzle you

Offlately, I came across an addictive series of puzzles/riddles. I am still on it... trying to solve each puzzle with renewed enthusiasm after every success :)


Hope you enjoy it too... All the best!!


A youth awakens!!

Rally against the Goverment 'sQuota policy in pune on Sunday 21st, May 2006.

The rally held on Sunday 21st, May 2006 to protest against government's quota policy was a huge success and the Interesting part was: "the rally was not really organized". The information about the existence of such a rally was spread by word of mouth, emails, sms's and phone calls. No one knows who the originator was but everyone knew why they are there.

It was great to see such a good response to the rally. We must be close to 1000 in number. This response was great considering the fact that we have recently witnessed police brutality on protesting students in different parts of country. Still so many people came just on a call of a forwarded email/sms. What more... the crowd was a mix of working professionals, students from different stream and business men. Not all of them directly related to the cause but still a sense of responsibility was there amongst them which lead them there.

Hope this passion continues to live within us not just for the reservation thing but for anything which can bring good to society and us.


Friday, May 19, 2006


A process to which I was familiar for long but didn't know the technical term for it.... now I know it :) but still it doesn't work for me :(

Its definition as I found on Stephanie Rothman's blog goes as

n. In both senses also called self-hypnosis.
* The act or process of hypnotizing oneself.
* A self-induced hypnotic state.

To put it in simple form....
May be at some point of time someone would have said to you the process to activate your biological clock to work for you as your alarm...

Aaah forget it.. the process goes as
1) Before going to sleep, close your eyes.
2) One by one put all your thoughts from your mind.
3) When you are thinking of nothing then tell to yourself to go to a sound sleep and wake up at some particular time.

Result: You should go to a sound sleep and wake up exactly at the time you have said to yourself.

Many people say it works for them. But no matter how hard I tried ... I could never succeed in waking up at the right time, though I managed to get a sound sleep as always ;)

Any ideas how to make it work??


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Shall we dance??

Dancing is a passion which is inside almost everyone. Some people follow it, some not. But believe me or not anybody can dance, no matter how good or bad but everyone can dance.... I remember when I was a kid I was so passionate about dancing that I never missed out on any opportunity to dance, but never got enough support and guidance to follow it as passion. After long, I lived my passion again while dancing to the beat of Salsa :)

Offlately, I got a chance to watch Shiamak Dabar's show which took me down the memory lane.... to the days when I used to dance like crazy. It was great to see so many people dancing together (none of them professional dancers). The performers were the students of Shiamak Dabar's academy... Some of them were advanced level dancers some were at beginner level. Students in all age ranges.... even the kids in 3-5 yrs of age group were dancing... looking very very cute. I was too delighted to care for the bad condition of the famous Ganesh Kala Krida Mandir. But I really liked the idea of the show.

All you need to do is to join the academy then you get trainers to guide you. Good dancers around you to motivate you and to top it all shows like these to boost your morale and to let everyone see you can dance.............

So, shall we dance ?? :)


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