Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A youth awakens!!

Rally against the Goverment 'sQuota policy in pune on Sunday 21st, May 2006.

The rally held on Sunday 21st, May 2006 to protest against government's quota policy was a huge success and the Interesting part was: "the rally was not really organized". The information about the existence of such a rally was spread by word of mouth, emails, sms's and phone calls. No one knows who the originator was but everyone knew why they are there.

It was great to see such a good response to the rally. We must be close to 1000 in number. This response was great considering the fact that we have recently witnessed police brutality on protesting students in different parts of country. Still so many people came just on a call of a forwarded email/sms. What more... the crowd was a mix of working professionals, students from different stream and business men. Not all of them directly related to the cause but still a sense of responsibility was there amongst them which lead them there.

Hope this passion continues to live within us not just for the reservation thing but for anything which can bring good to society and us.


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