Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chilling your drink in two minutes.

Often we have got some bottled/canned drinks (beer/coke/juice etc) but can't drink it because its warm. Even if we put the drinks in freezer, it will take quite some time before its chilled.

This video demonstrates how to chill a drink really quick using just Ice, Water and some salt.

If you are wondering how is it possible to chill anything in two minutes. Well using salt in water decreases the freezing point of water that causes rapid melting of ice causing the temperature of water and so the drink to drop quickly. If it still doesn't make much sense to you you can read this document for a detailed geeky explanation of the complete process. It also gives you some fun tips to make ice cream at home using this technique.

So, lets beat the heat guyz.. Cheers!!


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