Monday, September 11, 2006

A great weekend of unlimited fun.

I talked about work work and work on this weekend. But what I completely missed out was how much fun I had. I think last sunday was quite an auspicious day because 2 most awaited picnics had to coincide that day. So, when I was having a lot of fun at Hans with my colleagues, at the same moment I was missing the ecstasy of being with my college pals on a memorable trip to Lohgadh. It really is a funny feeling to lose and gain a certain aspect at the same time. As pictures are worth a thousand words I have decided to give you a tour to what I had and what I missed on this saturday.

What I enjoyed...

What I missed...


Pappul 9/14/06, 7:05 PM  

One thing that I liked is that if you missed the trip to Lohgad, it was very heartening to see you miss it for something parallel if not better. I hope you get the pun .... plz come for atleast one picnic before i get married ... sincere request .... Cheers mate ... !!

Vikash 9/14/06, 9:43 PM  

Yeah I got the pun but believe me or not I always want to come with you guyz. But once again I don't see myself in our 2nd October weekend plan(u know why) but I would definately come for any picnic after that.... Cheers man!! :)

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