Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jaane tu ya Jaane na

I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and I found it's worth paying 150 bucks for a movie on a Tuesday night; which, now a days, is a rare occurrence ;) I recieved quite a simple and yet an effective review of the movie from my cousin Pushkar. Hence, I will just borrow it here.

Movie is truly good.. Especially the freshness and the simplicity of the movie…Songs and music are very beautiful.

Scenes that stand out in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na...
  1. Conversation between Jay and Aditi’s parents regarding their engagement. Funny!!
  2. Aditi wonders how the 5 years passed by; “On the phone beta”, says Jay’s mother. Too Good ;)
  3. Scene between Aditi and her brother Amit; his confession. Brilliant!!
  4. Scenes between Jay’s mother and his dead father, who talks from a portrait. Hilarious!!
  5. Club scene in which Jay rescues Meghana... Superb!!
  6. The chemistry in the gang of six friends. You will love it!!
  7. Aditi begins to realize her love for Jay only after Sushant (Manjari Phadnis) enters the scene. The jealousy, sadness and regret is executed and performed perfectly.
  8. Last sequence at airport.. Fantastic!!

Overall, the movie is quite enjoyable and is high on entertainment. If you’re looking for a movie on friendship and love; which makes you smile and laugh at times; then you shouldn't miss this one…
My rating is: 4 out of 5….


Pappul 7/10/08, 3:00 PM  

based on this review, I will surely go and catch a glimpse ... !!

vikash 7/11/08, 3:38 PM  

oye tu to trade analyst ban gaya..congrats!taran and kamal may b feeling insecure :)

me too felt the same for the muvi. after "jab v met" i can say it was one of the movie of my taste and worth watchin once atleast.

Vikash Kumar 7/11/08, 3:53 PM  

@Pratik - yes you should not miss this one... you will not be disappointed even your hopes are already high :)

@Vikash - I can't really compare Jab v met & this movie, but certainly can watch both more than once :)

Gokul 7/11/08, 5:38 PM  

hmm i liked it ..but dont quite agree with the 4/5 rating ..althou ratings r v subjective ..but overall gud. individual moments make the film memorable..viks , the moments u hv mentioned r all worth the effort ..go, get ur share of popcorn , sit back n chill ! :)

Pappul 7/14/08, 10:48 AM  

Vikash ... I liked the movie ... thanx for the review and keep them coming ... !!

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