Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New US Dollar in circulation after the recent crisis

Hilarious comic aimed at the recent financial crisis in USA,
which is threatening economies world wide.


Pappul 9/24/08, 7:14 PM  

such an irony ... even though the American economy has slumped ... it has still managed to top the Rupee ... and we are not even in that kind of a recession per se ... lot of soul searching to do for us as a country ... cheers ... !!

Vikash Kumar 9/25/08, 11:08 AM  

Yes that's true.. but a currency fluctuation doesn't really mean that economy is in mess.. when it is a export based economy like us. In fact export based economies have strength in weakness of currency..

Pappul 9/25/08, 12:08 PM  

thats true ... but you and i know that we are not just grappling with currency fluctuations ... if that was the case ... RBI would not step in every 2 months to soothe the national economic sentiment ... one of the primary reasons why our stock and commodity markets are struggling is due to a slowdown ... every day you see different people claiming different GDP growth rates ... RBI say they are confident of 9% this year too ... some say it will be 8.5% ... some say it will be below 7 ... UNITY IN DIVERSITY? ... RBI says that 46 for the Rupee is an extremeley precarious situation for India (not that we need their word for it) and they will do everything needed to get it back on track ... i know currency depreciation isnt a completely bad sign ... but for us it is ... hook, line and sinker ... i dont think its a secret that we are in a mess ... cheers ... !!

Vikash Kumar 9/26/08, 10:56 AM  

That's right... growing inflation & interest rate has limited our industrial growth. But that is because the economies around the world are interconnected and this phenomenon is a global one. Sure it looks that we need to develop means to immunize ourselves.. but in today's cosmopolitan environment, its less likely to happen. Let's hope for the best then :) .. cheers!!

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