Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's give a DAM

I was reading an op-ed article "Damming the Deluge" published today in Indian Express by Nikhilesh Jha, who is a joint secretary CSIR. After reading the article I couldn't agree more with Nikhilesh. I, being from Bihar, very well know how much devastation is done by floods every year to whole nothern region of Bihar and thanks to the ignorance by Central & State goverments, it has become a part of life for people in low lying areas. As soon as monsoon looms, they look for relocating as flooding is as expected as a monsoon shower.

I always thought that only if we could control the Koshi water by building dams, we could easily solve the problem of power & irrigation for Bihar. I wondered why it was not looked into, because if I could think of it then I am sure there are many others who can & who have thought about it. This article gives insight on this issue and clearly shows that the dam built for Koshi can turn Koshi from a bane to boon for Bihar. To conclude I will just quote Nikhilesh here.

The Barahkshetra dam, the Chatra barrage and the Kosi-Mechi link will not only control the danger of recurrent floods, they will also bring in much needed prosperity to Nepal and plains of east Bihar through irrigation and hydro-power supply.

Let the present devastation catalyse the decision to undertake the projects which have been deferred for decades, especially because there is a potential to turn the state around in one go. The sympathy factor stemming from human tragedy and the backlash generated against Nepal can be leveraged to expedite these projects.


Pappul 9/2/08, 5:10 PM  

i will say the same as i said for your last post ... there is so much that needs to be done ... the problem is that everyone other than the concerned people know about the problem and potentially have zillions of solutions for A type of a problem ... but the issue is that we are not calling the shots ... and someone who is ... is to busy to care for his proverbial KURSI and how he/she will be able to build provisions for a generation of his family that is still findings its way in some womb ... i can sense your frustration in the way you say that so much can be done for the people in Bihar but we need some magic to help the people-in-question understand this ... again ... its a very noble thought ... Cheers ... !!

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