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Pink Panther 2 and Post 91

Pink Panther 2 poster (image src: http://thecia.com.au/reviews/p/pink-panther-2.shtml)

I wasn't really inclined to watch the latest Pink Panther, esp because of the hue n cry over Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachhan and bad rating at IMDB. Nevertheless I succumbed to the charm of Inspector Clouseau and watched it anyway. Personally I found the movie entertaining to say the least. Steve Martin has done a good job in portraying a clumsy, stupid & yet sharp police inspector. I laughed out loud at many times in the movie & yeah against all odds & predictions Aishwarya was there throughout the movie. I believe people who didn't like the movie were the original Pink Panther movie(of the 60's) fans. But I hadn't seen that and so had nothing to compare and that was good as I could enjoy the movie as it was. Another good thing was, the run time was only 92 mins and thus no extra junk was crammed in it. So, after tickling my funny bone it was time for some

The bar at Post 91

It was a sea food festival at Post 91, a multi-cuisine, buffet concept restaurant in Koregaon Park at the end of Lane 7. The buffet contained 3 veg & 3 non veg starters, 3 veg & 3 non veg main course dishes, a live sea-food grill counter, chicken & veg biryani, salads, breads, a mind boggling collection of 9 desserts and the best part, unlimited beer (Kingfisher Blue), mocktails & soft drinks. The buffet was good, but the food didn't compare to the buffets I had at Barbeque Nation or Sigree. So, I would have to say the food was average, although there were some dishes which really stood out. Like in the starter prawns preparation in spicy gram flour was very good. In the main course Mutton rara was amazing, mutton was tender and prepared in a thick spicy gravy. Highlight of the buffet was the live Seafood counter, you could select from king fish, pomfret, crab, squid & tiger prawns and they were prepared on the hot plate in your choice of spices, sauce & optionally wine. We feasted on king fish preparations, tried the wine one also, it was superb.

Live Seafood Grill counter

Spicy King fish grill prepared with wine

Assuming seafood counter was there because of seafood festival, next best thing were the Desserts. A total of 9 deserts, all western but all of them made you want more. I tried one piece from each and wished I had appetite for more.

Desserts table

Strawberry Mousse cake

Lemon & Honey tartlets

Butterscotch mousse cake

The decor & ambience were also very good, they had mixed corporate designs with chic decor and dim lights to create a pretty feel good effect. They also had DJ playing music, which wasn't loud at all. There was also the option of open air seating with candle lights.

Me with Kingfisher Blue (its my favorite beer now)

In the budget of Rs. 500 per person (inclusive of taxes), this buffet with good food, nice ambiance along with unlimited drinks was real value for money and you couldn't ask for more to spend a nice evening.

Post 91, Koregaon Park Lane 7, Phone nos: 020-2610 9191, 09823138187

Post 91 pics courtesy Birenderjit Singh


Prameela 3/5/09, 10:11 PM  

Kya baat hain movie and food review ek saath. Lovely Pastries by the way!

Vikash Kumar 3/9/09, 1:48 PM  

Yeah didn't bother to split the post into two as anyway they were on the same evening... and yes photos actually do justice to the pastries.

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