Friday, March 6, 2009

Google crawls into your Inbox

So finally Google broke the Internet barrier and crawled into perhaps our most personal devices, yes our cell phones. This is an important step by Google because not everyone could have Internet access on their cell phones to try and search Google. So they come to you, providing you with services which are sure to make you use them. Don't know about others, but this looks like a sure shot formula to increase their reach in Indian market, where GPRS penetration is still very low.

For India the number to use is 9-77-33-00000, on which you can send a simple text message containing a command and you will get back your results via SMS. You only pay your standard carrier charges for the transaction. Finding latest Cricket scores, Movie listing / schedules, Train & train ticket information, local business listings are just among the few services they are offering already. I tried the cricket scores, sent CRICKET INDIA to the number and got back the India vs New Zealand scores in a couple of seconds. I am sure we will see more players going this way, offering services over SMS without premium charges. But Google has taken the lead and I am loving it.

You can check out Google Mobile SMS for details on services offered by them.


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