Thursday, March 12, 2009


Remember what you used to do while attending a boring lecture? Not sure about you but I filled my notebook pages with random graffiti and I was surprised to find such a long Wiki page on Graffiti. But of course there are people filling Wikipedia for everything they can or can't think of. Perhaps that is more constructive use of their time.

But when I got really bored with the dull and drowsy atmosphere of working, I don't know how but I started scratching in my notebook and gave birth to this interesting character. In the picture you can see the various stages of evolution of this fellow. [Click to enlarge]

Final avatar at the top, below are different stages of evolution

This avatar was born in process of giving a facial shape to the following letters from my name V, K, U, M, A and R. I am not sure if you could figure that out from the picture.. but I like this character, especially with the @ eye. If I could fine tune the shape, I plan to use it as my online avatar. So, I can certainly use help/comments from the artists & creative minds out there.


Pappul 3/13/09, 10:35 AM  

brilliant thought ... and a creative avatar to boot ... think of a nick as well ... Viks is too old fashioned now ... ;)

Vikash Kumar 3/13/09, 11:05 AM  

@Pappul Thanks a bunch... and you what would be another good idea??? .. that you guyz suggest a good nick name for this avatar... themes might combine it/me with internet or social networking in someway.. because that's what it would be used for :)

Pappul 3/13/09, 11:14 AM  

well ... I feel Jonkers would be very apt for you as a nick ... a variant of Bonkers in conjunction with Junkie ... since you are an avid food and tech junkie ... in fact you an avid LIFE junkie ... so Bonkers + Junkie = Jonkers would not be too bad ... even if you want to correlate with the cartoon character Bonkers ... I am sure you wont mind being compares to a cartoon ... ;)

Subhajit Kundu 3/13/09, 2:27 PM  

May be VIKU for name... First two characters of name and surname.

The character should have curly hairs... maybe too many r's on the head. :-)

"got really bored with the dull and drowsy atmosphere of working" ??? Hummm... Dauntless and gutsy.

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