Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Irony of Airtel's Unfair "Fair Usage Policy"

Less than a month ago I was all praises for Airtel broadband service. I didn't know my celebrations will be short lived. Although the customer service & speed of Airtel broadband still remains the same, I was disappointed to read Airtel's new Fair Usage Policy and certainly felt cheated. According to this if a user of an unlimited plan exceeds a certain download limit, his speed will be halved for that billing period. However he will have to pay the same rental for the remaining duration.

Coming out with draconian & repressive policies seems to have become the norm these days. The Facebook issue hadn't even fizzle out yet and now Airtel does a repeat.. thanks to the power of internet we have been able to educate our fellow netizens in order to protect our rights. To this regard an online petition has been filed and number of people signing it is rising fast. I have done my part by signing the petition & spreading the word for it. Hope we can create enough noise to be heard by Airtel.


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