Monday, October 6, 2008

Walking Plaza & The Charcoal Pit

This time my birthday coincided with Navratri and so, I was abstaining from non-veg & alcohol during the festival. Although, disappointed at the prospect of a birthday party without alcohol & non-veg, I chose to visit The Charcoal Pit on MG road. It was a Sunday and hence the day for Walking plaza. So, we reached MG road a little early and decided to take a stroll before we go for dinner. Walking plaza was completely buzzing with excitement and Navratri mood was painted all over it. I am talking about the festive activities only, leaving the usual kid attractions aside.

As we entered MG road from east-street, a mandal had setup a platform for Tulja devi & in front their members were performing with traditional instruments. It was a great mix of music & performance, which rightly set the Dassera mood for us. At some distance, there was a band playing the usual Shaadi numbers in their trademark style. Many people would stop to tap a foot with them, I resisted the temptation though.

After completing the round we reached The Charcoal Pit only to find a nice Dandiya arrangement in front of it. So many people were dancing on The Dandiya music, but interestingly the singers were singing any song on the same music. The female singer seemed good at this, but the male singer was really irritable. We had to rush to the restaurant now, so that we didn't miss our table booking. It's a roof top restaurant, on a sixth storey building. After reaching the top a garden decor & open sky welcomes you and bound to catch your attention. I wished the seating arrangement was right here under open sky but seating was on the other side of roof and was covered, with enough ventilation to feel the breeze.

While entering the eating area you can see the open kitchen and the smell of the tandoori dishes sets your appetite right. Since all of us were vegetarian for the day, so I can't tell you about their non-veg dishes. But after trying their veg food I am just waiting to visit them again to test their Non-veg expertise. We ordered, for starter, Paneer Tikka Hariyali, Tandoori Aloo & baby corn, Veg seekh kabab and Mushroom Tikka. Paneer was fresh & the spinach coating had given it a nice & different taste. Tandoori Aloo & baby corn was amazing, the marination & spices applied to it added a unique flavour to it. This was the best Allo & Baby corn dish I have had and so the Veg seekh kabab. It's USP was its spicy taste, the spices were mixed thoroughly with minced vegetables. Mushrooms were done perfectly with no trace of burning and quite juicy.

For maincourse, we ordered Khumbha Matar Dhaniya (Mushroom, green peas with coriander based gravy) and Gobi Lababdar (Tandoori Cauliflower with a curd based gravy) and Missi roti to go with it. Mushroom mutter was the favorite Missi roti was very tasty as well. For dessert we had hot Gulab Jamuns which were really tasty and Malai Kulfi (nice combination). My opinion is that the restaurant is a good place to visit for the ambience, great tandoori dishes, good food and affordable price.

Overall my birthday evening was great with fun on walking plaza, sumptuous dinner at Charcoal Pit and my family & friends with me to make it all worth. The Charcoal Pit is located on MG road, next to Marzorin, on the top floor of building/hotel Tej Residency. Ph: 020-26131573/020-26131572.


Pappul 10/7/08, 11:05 AM  

wow ... seems u had a nice time and freaked out on YOUR DAY ... Cheers ... !!

Vikash Kumar 10/7/08, 6:25 PM  

yes I had a great time without the usual rounds of Cheers!! .. that sure is freaky ;)

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