Saturday, October 4, 2008

Don't blame the victim

The editorial article in Times of India "Blaming the Victim" clearly points to the sorry attitude of our politicians. Blaming the victim's lifestyle or attitude for inviting crime is outrageous and when it is done by the leaders of our country, on whom we depend to make things right, it is scandalous. At one hand we are signing N-deal to establish us a significant international figure and at another we are puting up with the disgraceful acts of our political class. Only recently we have seen, it in Soumya Vishwa-nathan case, Union minister Oscar Fernandes case and the most recent Singur case. All of it projects discreditable image of India as a country. 
Its time that we as individuals and as leaders stop adjusting to what the prevalent conditions are and act now to stand above it and make things right. 


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