Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Framed Egg Recipe

Having breakfast in the morning is important and I can't live without it. Unfortunately quick breakfast options are very limited, hence I get bored easily, so I keep looking for quick and easy to make breakfast options. When I found out the recipe of Framed Egg on "Wiki How" it sounded very interesting. So, I tried it (adding my own deviations) and immediately fell in love with it. If you love egg & bread, then you must try this one.


  • 1 Bread slice
  • 1 Egg
  • Salt
  • Pepper powder
  • Cinnamon (dalchini) powder
  • Honey / Maple syrup
  • Butter


  • First cut a hole int the center of bread.
  • Apply butter on both sides of bread.
  • Heat the pan; when the pan in hot, put the bread on it.
  • Put some butter in the hole of bread and break the egg shell carefully and pour the egg exactly in the middle of the bread, in the hole.
  • Now sprinkle salt, pepper & cinnamon powder on it according to the taste.
  • Let it cook for a minute or so. Then apply some butter on the pan and flip.
  • Let the other side cook for another minute and it's done.
  • You can add some honey or maple syrup on top before serving.

I hope you enjoy the delicious Framed Egg & If you have other interesting breakfast ideas do let me know :)

TIP: Cinnamon goes well with egg or bread dishes.


Subhajit Kundu 10/22/08, 12:38 PM  

Egg always goes well with the bread. A simple omlette sandwitched between the breads tastes like heaven. What I liked most about this recipe is concept of framing the egg with the bread. Soch ke bhi accha lag raha hain.
Another new thing I found is that cinnamon goes well with egg. Will try that.

Pappul 10/22/08, 12:48 PM  

i will definitely try this one ... saala screen pe hi itna achha lag raha hai ... khaake shaayad aur bhi lazeez lagega ... Cheers ... !!

Vikash Kumar 10/22/08, 1:20 PM  

@Kundu - Yes egg & bread are evergreen combination & framing here is the USP of this dish :) ... Cinnamon actually goes very well eith egg / bread.. try it.

@pappul - yeah try it.. khane mein wakai mein lazeez lagta hain.

@anita - Thanks Anita :)

Gokul 10/24/08, 7:56 PM  

crisp innovation dude ..

Vikash Kumar 10/25/08, 7:39 PM  

not exactly an innovation, rather its a find for me ;) ... but thanks Gokul :)

amit 11/3/08, 4:55 PM  

Tried that last weekend ... u rock mate! ... a drop of honey was the pick of the suggestions!

Vikash Kumar 11/3/08, 5:29 PM  

Thanks Amit .. I am glad you liked it :)

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