Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bad start...

I have been looking forward to Diwali, cause I would be home for the Holidays; unfortunately even after trying hard, praying relentlessly & waiting desperately I couldn't get a confirmed berth in any train. My wait listed ticket could only ascend at last to W/L 5, giving me a heart burn. By this time air tickets were also sold out (my last resort) and there are no other alternate methods of commute left. So, I will be spending Diwali away from home, but what disappoints me most is, dad will be alone for Diwali. I can't blame the railways for not having enough trains for the busiest route in festive season. Neither can I blame them for their interesting Tatkal (emergency) service which opens 5 days in advance to the journey and gets full the moment it opens. It's interesting because you also get waiting list tickets for Tatkal reservation. How convenient as any cancellation puts the Tatkal charges (Rs. 200/300) + half of the ticket price into railway's kitty. So, I have to blame myself. I should have known better and planned well before hand for it. Not that I was in a last minute rush, but it seems that booking a ticket 2 months in advance now is equivalent. I will have to get comfortable to the idea of planning-3-months-in-advance.

For me it was bad enough but I was in for further misfortune. My brother forgot my favorite & only camera Canon S3 IS in an auto and I know I will not see it again. Again only I am to blame here as well. Only if I had also bought a usual sleek fit-in-hip-pocket point & shoot camera; he wouldn't have to carry it in a bag, causing urge to rest it on the first place you get to relax a bit. So, there are a few important lessons learnt.
  • Don't plan without retrieving all the current & relevant information. Only If I had checked that I could book tickets 3 months in advance as opposed the then rule of 2 months.
  • Don't just buy things you love, think of the practicability, applicability & usability as well. A bulky super-zoom camera is not something you would carry to a small birthday party.
I am hoping this is all the bad news I am gonna get this festive season now.

Happy Diwali !!


Pappul 10/27/08, 10:59 AM  

I feel for you man ... I am not sure which one of the 2 spoilers are bad ... but I dont think that matters ... All I can say is Happy Diwali ... !!

Vikash Kumar 10/30/08, 11:20 AM  

Thanks Pratik.. & Yes both are equally bad ... but couldn't help it anyway .. so just enjoyed Diwali & hope you did too :)

Shantanu 10/30/08, 4:53 PM  

Ouch! That wan't good... a Canon S3 is not exactly cheap...

Vikash Kumar 10/30/08, 6:27 PM  

Yes it had burnt a big hole in my pocket when I had bought it one and half years back... It's a little cheaper now a days but still expensive enough to hurt.

Prameela 11/8/08, 9:18 PM  

A sad diwali. But thats ok, you are gonna be best prepared everytime you wanna go anywhere :)

Vikash Kumar 11/10/08, 1:25 PM  

yes Prameela that is also one way of looking at it.

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