Monday, February 5, 2007

Secure Surfing: The need of today

Motivated by the fate of a fellow developer, I delved into the issue of "Online security & privacy". Driving factor was the fact that your employer can, and generally does, track your browsing history, IM sessions and emails. In short, it spies on your each move in the online world. This manifestation was kind of creepy and thenceforth I set out to find out, if something can be done about it.

Later on I discovered that, this is a well known loop hole in the online world and there are thousands of "Peeping Tom" out there looking for a chance to invade your privacy. As one might imagine, there are also many tools and solutions readily available online to address this issue. But most of them provide you nothing but specious claims.

I googled on some of the solutions and landed on an article which actually enriched my networking knowledge and also suggested me a tool namely Tor. The article provides good insight in how Tor works and explains an interesting concept of Onion Routing. I found the article very informative, convincing and useful. In fact, Tor is by far the best tool to address this issue, which I could find. I haven't used it yet because I want to investigate further to see if it has some security implications. For that reason, I sought help from the online security experts and you.

For details on Onion routing please read the complete article on Onion Routing or visit the official website of Tor. You can also visit its wiki page.


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