Thursday, February 22, 2007

Caught amidst Alkaline Tide

Ever wondered why do we feel drowsy or yawn frequently after lunch or a heavy meal? Well I just did and as once could expect as the most obvious reaction, I googled for the answer. After wandering over many sites I found that "Drowsiness & yawning after meals is caused by a phenomenon called Alkaline Tide."

Curiously I looked for Alkaline Tide on Wikipedia which defines it as “Alkaline Tide refers to a condition, normally encountered after eating a meal, when stomach acid is released into the stomach that causes a temporary increase in pH of the blood. This is a natural bodily function.”

Finally, I landed on a blog which had the complete scientific explanation of my question. Ironically I couldn’t make any sense out of the “scientific part”, But What I did understand is "Due to increased alkaline level in blood brain doesn’t get enough oxygen thus we feel drowsy and yawn frequently."

Now I am feeling like I have been caught in the Alkaline High Tide for last two days and just want to have a long siesta :)


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