Friday, February 17, 2006

It's Friday and Weekend fever is ON

Thought of the day - You should be your natural self.

No one seems to be in the mood to work. It's really strange you can actually feel the atmosphere smoothly changing from what it was in the morning to what is now in the evening. Morning and everyone is busy with his/her routine stuff like checking mails, attending meetings, having coffee and whole bunch of things. Its afternoon and people are looking less interested in work, environment becomes quite light hearted, people are gossiping, joking along with their work. Evening and few of them have already left.
(Few of us chilling out today)

Some are planning to leave and others are just wishing if they could also leave (as they got to wait for the bus leaving at 7:00pm).

Sure they all seem to be affected by the Weekend fever ;)
But for few of us life was not this easy for a change on a weekend. Because we were the worst affected by the weekend fever I guess. Why??
We had a genuine reason -- We have planned a Barbeque Party on the Saturday Night, Venue - A Colleague's Aunt's Farm House -- wow we gonna have a blast man.

Well I just gave the word 'planned' a whole new meaning. All of us didn't know who is going to do what? Where to meet? And most interesting are we all going for the party in the first place.
We had to work out the logistics, make sure every one is coming, work on plan B (what if some people just refuse to come), and PREPARE A FINAL PLAN ;)

We had a meeting with all the probable members in the afternoon and there we go.....
1) One person refuses to come.
2) Another guy comes up with dependency on this guy and declares 'I m not coming if he is out of it'.
3) Getting key ingredient 'Marinated Chicken' and 'Coal' to the Farm House.

after that and till now believe me or not we were doing nothing but fixing all the pieces of the puzzle and putting those in right places.
This could have taken little lesser but few of us were making sure that nothing goes on smoothly. Man I agree it's really really hard to be a Manager. I don't know how they survive yaar.
Two of our colleagues were almost ready to Barbeque themselves ;) I just hope they drop this idea when we already have barbeque on.

But finally we have worked out everything well now almost everything is 'planned' actually planned :)

So, just look for my next blog after the party and I can assure you that I will get more than enough material to blog out.

Have a great weekend guyz.

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