Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fun and Work can always go hand in hand.

Last three days were the most hectic days at work for me. Stuck between numerous problems, not ready to come to a solution, I was literally annoyed with it.
I worked in all the time I can manage, let it be home or office. Still the situation remained the same and I felt like screaming and scaring these problems away.. sounds really stupid, huh.

But believe me or not I enjoyed more than anybody can think of (being in that situation) in last two days. How??? That was easy, I have got best of friends yaar.

14th Feb - worked from 9am to 9pm, completely exhausted.

And here Aditi comes for Rescue. We went for dinner to Polka Dot(A multi cuisine restaurant).
Well It seems she is an Expert of all kinds of Cuisines and She is the one because of whom I took risk to try Cuisines other than Indian & Chinese.

She selected some Italian dishes and ordered. And I was just praying.. why?? Last time When I had Italian It was a disaster.
I guess no one knew what to order & we created a mess. Well if not all most of the food was wasted.

But this time ....... wow I love Italian food yaar, well its a different story that I couldn't recognize or remember name of any of the dish we ordered. But I reallllly loved the food.
We had were there for couple of hours( including 1/2 an hour waiting period) because of huge rush. But Crowd was really good ;) as it was Valentine's eve. So we enjoyed the time nontheless.

The dinner was followed by Desert - Tiramisu (only name I could remember) which we both were not able finish despite it was very delicious, and Liquere that was a perfect end to the dinner.

All my work pressures were lost somewhere in my head and I just needed a sound sleep.

15th feb - Pressure on its peak, worked from 10am - 9pm, completely exhausted.
On my way home... shopping for some groceries and there rings my Cell phone. Bhupi, my graduation college Pal, was there at my Flat waiting for me.
He came to gave me my Graduation Degree which he had for last 2 years, I guess. Finally I got it. He was supposed to study but I was in a mood to watch movie.

In some time we had dinner and as I started the movie plan I didn't have to tell him to come and join me :)
We started with 'Casablanca' but I got bored in less than 10 mins. Ahh I need some recreation yaar. Ohh yeah I have got Madagaskar today only.
We watched "Madagaskar" and I loved it. I think he loved it too. Movie was great but the song "I like to move it move it...." was the show stealer.
Played it 4 times in a row.... after that we were talking and doing TP till 3am in the Night.
I read few pages of "Digital Fortress - by Dan Brown" also before going to bed.

16th feb -
Day started with pressure.. problems were getting solved like anything. I was excited and there was definately something in the air.
Today we (me and my colleagues) had a blast with lot of jokes and leg pulling combined.

Day is over so off for the day
take care.


AJ 2/17/06, 10:26 AM  

I agree.
Its been what, i guess like over four weeks now since I have started comming to the office at 7 in the morning and leaving by 8 at night. Its been a super hectic time for me, but I have enjoyed it as well...
I unfortunatley dont have the privilege of going out on weekdays but I have have more or less have been rejuvenating myself in the office, with a lots and lots of (mostly silly, not worth laughing) jokes ! ;oD
Like everything, well almost, feeling good is a state of mind. Its up to you, I guess, to feel good about nothing !
I realise there are three categories of people, emotionless-snobs, insanely-demented and happy-go-lucky. And its (always) better to fall in the later category.
"There was something in the air", looks to me to be the '-go-lucky' effect of the 'happy-' part.
If you cant chear, laugh. If you cant laugh, giggle. If you cant giggle, smile. And if you cant smile, you better see a psychiatric.

Pratik Beri,  2/17/06, 11:09 AM  

Dude you are wrting like God man.
Its great to read about a friends routine in his life
and it adds to the excitment when your write like that
keep going man
now i wil b hooked on to ur life always
abhi phone pe bolna nahi padega "kya chal raha hai life mein"
too good man
keep going
take care

Aditi 2/17/06, 6:15 PM  

Have a dekko :

Now you can be the Liqueur Guru!


Vikash 2/17/06, 6:43 PM  

Thanx AJ on agreeing with me :) I just wish everyone could enjoy while at work as we do.

Beri now I am sure I can write. Your comments boosted my confidence buddy and I will try my best to keep u updated on my life :)

And Aditi that link is truely amazing. If not guru then I atleast understand bits of it now. Lets make one liqueur to get full understanding. what say? hihahahahah

Paul Adams 6/10/06, 1:48 PM  

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