Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I am back .... :)

Last two days were so hectic, that I couldn't even find time to take a deep breath. But now I am back again. I don't know "Is that air of relief I am breathing today?" but yeah I feel quite relaxed and I am really happy with what ever I have done in last two days.

Anyways, sorry I couldn't update you all on our "beautifully and perfectly planned" Barbecue Party ;) I can think of only one word to describe it ... "fantabulous". I don't think I can explain how much fun we had but I will try my best.

Venue: A colleague's Farm House (10 kms from Khadagvasla Dam towards NDA naval training centre)
Meeting time: 4pm (near NDA naval training centre)

Everyone had to reach the meeting point on his/her own. And finally we all were at meeting point by 6pm (Kudos to AJ n KJ, who couldn’t determine which directions they should take for long, But it was not their mistake either, bcoz they didn’t have GPS in their car so they
couldn't seek help of Google maps). Finally We reached the Farm House by 6:15pm (pretty decent huh) and we were amazed at the beauty of the place. A beautiful bungalow surrounded
with greenery every where. On the back side Dam water was flowing and atmosphere was just perfect. We took time to explore the Farm house before it went dark. Unfortunately our "lost in the way" friends, who have Cameras & they love photography, forgot to get their cameras,
Otherwise I didn't have to write down anything :).

We started to prepare ingredients for Barbecue. Thanks to Murtaza we didn't have to do anything to prepare chicken. After that we all were fighting hard to start coal fire so that we can start Barbecue for say one hour. All of our expert minds contributed to extreme extent to
get it right. But all these efforts paid up when we had dinner. Man it was really good, and we made sure we cooked chicken perfectly (U know Bird Flu is ON) ;)

Now it was time for MASTI. This started with KJ playing some all time best tunes on his guitar with all of us singing and dancing. It’s a different story that none of us knew singing and dancing ... well sorry some of us knew. But we really enjoyed KJ's performance. Then in some time lights were out and candles were light. People started all kinds of "Bhoot Stories" and to make the atmosphere more scary KJ was full on with his Guitar, playing all kinds of weird scary tunes as in Bollywood movies. I don't know whether anyone got scared but it was fun. After then to change the mood I played (Video) "I like to move it move it" from Madagaskar and as expected mood was changed ......... ppl sat down to watch the movie :(.

It was 12:00 am and the view was really breathtaking from balcony. Clear sky light up with all stars and no moon, surrounding trees were looking mysterious like never before, Dam water was reflecting the stars and looking amazingly beautiful. Beyond that another sky full of stars, I mean city full of lights and behind that there stood Sinhagadh with its towers. And on top of them small red lights were making everything look sensational. All this was so beautiful that I was standing there, mesmerized, for I don’t know how much time.

MASTI went on, we took some rest and next morning after having breakfast we returned back to Pune.

This trip gave me a good hangover for next two days and I was feeling so good that I can't describe.


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