Monday, March 15, 2010

Hail the home makers !!

After a wait of 2 years and 3 months and numerous site visits (checking progress, making sure things r fixed where needed)... I finally got possession of my flat and the feeling, the sense of ownership is absolutely fantastic. Although I have a huge loan to pay off, but I will worry about that in some other post ;)

Now that I have got the flat, I am far from relieved. I have the mammoth task of setting it up to make it home. It's so difficult to decide on things to buy. Got to first select something out of numerous option available and still need to find out who gives the best deal for it, after all finance is a big constraint for the new house owners like me. Must have the essentials and certainly not willing to compromise on the quality (after all it's my 1st home). Striking the balance in a tight budget is certainly no mean task. On weekends when I come home tired from the market, mostly I have done nothing but got diff quotes, have seen hundreds of products and am finally confused like hell between choices. Now I understand why it is convenient to take someone along, they make the choice easy for you by voting. So, seriously I bow down to the ladies who perform, almost always, the role of home maker to the brink of perfection. Cheers to them !!!


Pappul 3/15/10, 5:33 PM  

Congratulations mate ... I am very happy for you ... and I am even happier that you have a home in Pune ... it means the time is still far away when we cant just call and meet up ... this is fantastic ...

so ... tring tring ... Kaleji fry at GL? :P

Prameela 3/15/10, 7:06 PM  

Congratulations! enjoy the can be tiring but rejuvenating at the same time to deck up your own house

Vikash Kumar 3/17/10, 2:30 PM  

Thanks guyz :)

@Pappul yeaaah... anytime for Kaleji fry, chicken sandwich, bun maska @ GL :)

@Prameela Agreed.. it's really tiring but in a sense satisfying as well :)

Murtaza Ghiya 3/18/10, 1:08 PM  

Congratulations TOTO!!!

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