Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well this is not about any great achievement as such. This is about me, sticking to my commitment. A few months ago, I had decided of continuing at least one physical activity / sports everyday as a routine and learn new things in the mean while. So, it's been 4 months since and I am following that routine with ease. Interestingly prevailing conditions always threw challenges on my continuity & still I found ways to keep up anyway.

I had started with badminton, I used to play baddy in a ground near my office. Suddenly one day weather changed and it became too windy to play baddy at all. So, I thought about it & started with walking/jogging in a near by garden for half an hour everyday. I also got ligament injury in my toes which disabled my activities for 2 weeks, but I was back in action as soon as possible. As if, it wasn't enough my dear old shoulder dislocation started to trouble. Which thankfully started my physio exercises of shoulder again, doctor had said do it regularly some 3 yrs ago. Only if I could listen, but now I am at it regularly :) Finally pre-monsoon showers started & jogging was out of question because of showers and consequent mud on jogging track. So, I thought of it as a good opportunity and started with swimming, learning actually, which I wanted to learn since I was in Xth.

This changed my schedule drastically, as in order to get the coach I need to reach the pool by 8am and before that I have my shoulder exercises so I must wake up on or before 6 am. I thought I can't do it at first, as I used to wake up earliest by 8:30.. but interestingly I have been doing it for a week now and actually enjoying my new routine. I had thought I will learn for a month & then pick up an evening time from next month. But now I am thinking of taking the morning batch & coaching regularly. Especially because the coach is very good & fun, I am enjoying swimming, making good progress, getting set with the new routine and I get to go to Vahuman for breakfast whenever I want :D

Committing something to self and sticking to it and loving it at the same time.. It is an achievement for me.. let's see what lies ahead for me.. For now I am loving the splash!!


Pappul 7/1/09, 3:51 PM  

lage raho shera ... tereko bohot jald kuey mein leke jaaunga ... aur fir mulshi lake paar karenge ... aaja maidan mein ... rather ... taalaab mein ... :P

Prameela 7/1/09, 4:13 PM  

Interesting...i always thought I am too old to even consider learning swimming. You are an inspiration :)

Vikash Kumar 7/1/09, 5:16 PM  

@pappul.. yes yes.. jaldi karenge .. aa raha hu taalab mein :)

@prameela.. Well I had never thought like that before :D .. may be that is why I am learning quickly ;) .. you should also give it a shot.. it's great fun.

Onkar 7/1/09, 8:15 PM  

that's inspirational, I have decided many things when I was working but did not pursue them with determination. Good to see someone really likes routine cause following it is extremely difficult for me. Sony's founder once said in his interview that he plays squash everyday as part of a routine and it acts as a stress buster for him, maybe he is right ...

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