Wednesday, November 5, 2008

CNN interviews people using 3-D Holograms

I tuned into CNN in the morning to check the status of US presidential election. As expected Obama was leading the race by a good margin. But there was also something unexpected; I noticed that some of the people they were interviewing in their studio looked a bit eerie. They had a light beam beam surrounding them and sometimes their quick movement looked fuzzy, as in a video streaming over internet.
I got interested and started paying attention, then they said it was a holographic interview they were conducting. I was surprised, it all looked so perfect, the quality & detailing were so good. It took me quite some time to notice it wasn't actually a real person they are talking to. Especially because it was a full 3-D view. They changed the camera angle from side to the back and you couldn't make out anything out of the ordinary. It was so real and I was impressed. Have a look at this video to see for yourself.

It's like watching a scene from a sci-fi movie like Star Wars. I got curious to know how it's done & what all has been happening in holographic technology and found out that this was actually the first time 3-D holographic technology was being used & CNN launched it only for the big election night.

The details on the technology are not yet available other than what US today reports,

"CNN will have 44 cameras and 20 computers in each remote location to capture 360-degree imaging data of the person being interviewed. Images are processed and projected by computers and cameras in New York. There'll also be plasma TVs in Chicago and Phoenix that will let the people being interviewed see Blitzer and other CNN correspondents. Bohrman says the network can project two different views from each city so Blitzer can appear to be in the studio with two holograms."

The win of Obama after a tech savvy campaign, a flying car being made by Ferrari & 3-D hologram technology to interview people live. What an year of new trends & technology it has been so far.


amit 11/5/08, 6:56 PM  

Unbelievable!! Hats off to Bohrman!

RennyBA 11/5/08, 8:41 PM  

Congrats with the election result.

Btw: Thanks for the visits and comments. Your BD greetings was great and I'm glad you enjoy seeing Olga traveling around in Oslo :-)

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