Monday, November 10, 2008


I met with an accident yesterday night. I was driving back home after enjoying late night show of Quantum of Solace. Suddenly an errant biker came in front of me from wrong side of a circle. Reaction time was small, i jammed on breaks, saved him but skidded myself. Got a hairline fracture in my left wrist, thankfully my pillion was unhurt. So, I will not be blogging for a while now. It's really irritating typing with one hand.

UPDATE: Orthopedic I met for treatment said its just a bad contusion & there are no fractures. And that I will be fine in about than two weeks. Such a relief, though It pains bad & it's two weeks before I can use my left hand again, but it's still better. That x-ray diagnosis by the junior doctor had scared me.


Pappul 11/10/08, 4:02 PM  

chal koi nahi ... there are lots of things you can do with one hand ;)

for starters ... chal ek niraala maarte hai ... what say?

Vikash Kumar 11/11/08, 11:38 AM  

Arey seriously I can use some :)

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