Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Credit card fraud techniques just got richer

On the celebration night of 24th December, a friend of my colleague went to Rajwada (A nice restaurant on Baner Road, Pune) to have some good time and dinner. He pays for the dinner by his Credit card, waiter gets the card back and he goes home happily. Next day he gets a call in the morning........... Aah Its the same old bugging promotional call from his credit card company offering him an easy loan of the overdue amount and easy repayment using EMI's BECAUSE "he has done so many transactions since morning". Now apna dude is surprised and says he has done only one transaction last night and that is also not so huge, but the caller is certain about the transactions. So now its time to check the card..... and to confirm the caller's confidence, apna dude has some other guy's credit card in his pocket (which was possibly interchanged by mistake at the restaurant). So, assuming it a genuine mistake, he blocks his card to stop further transactions on his card and inquires about the card he has with him. And to complete the masterpiece the card is found to be stolen 6 months back...... So, he ends up having Rs. 15000 dinner.

He talks to Rajwada management and they cannot help him because they hire "temporary staff " for the days when the Restaurant is really crowded. He goes to police to file an FIR but they refuse to do so, saying "logon ke lakhon jaate hain aur kuch nahi hota tum toh saste chhoot gaye".

Moral of the Story:- Never leave your card unattended and if you did, make sure you got your OWN card back.

Have a safe Credit History guyz... Enjoy :)


Prashant Mahajan,  1/3/07, 6:41 PM  

Sounds like story of RAMU's new FILM(title 'Credit card'). Anyways thanks Vikas for alerting all of us...

Dinesh 1/4/07, 1:35 PM  
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Dinesh 1/4/07, 1:49 PM  
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Vikash 1/4/07, 2:28 PM  

Hey guys!! I found the post of the victim of this fraud. So, you can read the first hand and full version of the story at

CreditGuy 8/17/07, 1:11 PM  

Very nice! I'll add this story to my 'best credit scmas' collection!

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