Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bangalore se aaya mera dost

This weekend I had no agenda as such. I had to go home this week so I was planning to do some shopping and that's it. Suddenly one of my very few school friends, Rajnish, called up & reminded me that he was visiting me this weekend. Initially I was embarrassed, as I couldn't remember it, but that was instantly replaced with cheer & excitement. After I hung up & was wondering how much fun it would be to do all the masti here.. I got another call and found out that the same day was the anniversary of two of my very good friends and that their relatives are throwing them a surprise party and wanted me & their other friends to come. All of a sudden I was really busy over the weekend, which was of course a good thing.

So, I received Rajnish on Saturday morning.. we both were starving, so we had brunch and loads of starter chit-chat. Then, while he went on to relax after his tiring journey, I ganged up with another friend bought gifts for our friends and went to their surprise anniversary party, which thankfully was in Lunch time. Party turned out pretty well, they really were surprised to find us there :).. After that I called up Rajnish & took him to show around my under construction flat which I had bought last year. He seemed to like the flat [sample one of course ;-)].

Over coffee in Wakad CCd we were thinking what to do next and then I just asked him let's go to Tony da Dhaba (40 kms from that place) and have rabbit for dinner. First he was surprised then quickly agreed. We went back to my place, put some warm cloths on as it was getting dark & cold already, and left for Tony da dhaba. As it was not safe to drink & drive at night, specially with so much of police check posts everywhere, thanks to Republic day nearing, we decided to have booze after we get back. We drove to Tony da dhaba, enjoyed the ride... but were disappointed to find out they no longer served rabbit. Apparently they suddenly started loving the cute creature & so made them pets instead of serving them. How funny is that.. sudden realization of love for rabbits :P

Nevertheless we had Tandoori Bater, which was tender & good, but difficult to eat, as there were too many bones. Then we played safe and had Mutton Rara & Mutton Masala, both were cooked really nice & were pretty good. For dessert we had hot & crispy Jalebis. But fun for the evening was Double Apple Hukkah.. He was trying Hukkah for first time & really loved it. After dinner we headed back and were home by 1 am. Then it was time to relax, with soft music & rum, we talked about all sorts of things, our school days, friends, job, life & what not. Not sure when, but we went to bed quite late. Next day we spent shopping which was a need rather than fun :) We saw Shivaji Market (a huge meat market) and were startled to see so many Kites (bird) swooping across the street. They didn't seem to mind the ongoing traffic & swept very low, not sure why.. cause there weren't meat on the streets. But it was fun & scary.

After this we had lunch & then Rajnish left for Mumbai, his next stop. So, it was a really great weekend. I drove no less than 150 kms in 2 days, had a lot of booze, expletive count must have overflowed and fun factor was unlimited. After his visit I am determined to visit Delhi in coming days now. I am planning for a while to visit Delhi to see the city & visit some of my school friends there.

As of now, I am off to Muzaffarpur(Bihar), my home town for a week. Cheers!!

P.S: I recently started with Twitter & sure it's fun & addictive. Probably I will be able to post updates to Twitter so you can follow my twitter id "vikashskumar" for updates.


Pappul 1/28/09, 6:30 PM  

Hey thats quite a weekend bro ...

I am glad you visited Shivaji market ... thats quite some place for meat lovers ...

wish u a very happy and joyous stay at your home in Muzaffarpur ... Cheers ... !!

Amit 1/29/09, 4:37 PM  

I agree pratik .. Shivaji market is a treat!! Wish you a happy tour!

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