Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year I would like to forget but can't

31st December, Last day of 2008. It really had been a roller coaster ride for me. Taking a cue from Pratik's blog I thought I will also summarize the year gone by. For me this was a really bad year but let's see..

For the good It was ...
A year which started on an ecstatic note having just bought my own apartment.
A year when I found that I do have real friends who will stand by me no matter what.
A year I enjoyed my hobby of photography clicking memorable pictures filling up my HD with images.
A year I grew up a bit & saw my priorities in life changing drastically (for the good).
A year when I was named TAKI, BEWADA etc which I am proud to be :)
A year when I came closer to my Family.
A year when I could no longer miss any moment of being with my dear ones.
A year when the worst stock market crash didn't affect me at all.
A year when my cousin & many of my very good friends got married.
A year CFoV came to life.
A year when my nephew Aryan was born.
A year when my Manish Bhaiya settled here with family.
A year when many new fine dining restaurants opened in Pune & I tried most of them.
A year when I matured in blogging & got my own domain for it.

For the bad it was ...
A year which took away from me the person I loved the most. The only person whom I loved more than myself, my mother. With her my dreams, my purpose went away and went away some part of me which changed & transformed me & my life in countless ways.
A year when I cried the most.
A year which shattered my family.
A year when I lost my faith in God.
A year when I injured my wrist in an accident and suffered from back to back health problems for about two months.
A year when I lost my beloved camera.
A year, home loan interest rates ran northwards right after I took a huge home loan.
A year when I could no longer take things lightly or be a kid and had to start acting responsibly.
A year when my learning curve went to an all time low.
A year when I didn't travel/drive to any new place.
A year of shattered expectations from my nearest ones.
A year when my Father suffered from stress and faced new problems through out the year.
A year wasted for my brother.
A year of financial crisis at Global, National & personal level.

So, personally, a year I would like to forget but can't and I am glad this year ends today.

Hoping & wishing a better & happy new year for me, you and everyone :)


Amit 12/31/08, 6:43 PM  

Vikash, I am genuinely proud of the way you have handled bad times in this year. You have shown true courage and maturity!! The very fact that you have put the "good" section first shows your character.

Good show brother!! Keep the +ve up... Wishing you a fantastic 09 ahead.

Birenderjit 12/31/08, 6:46 PM  

Hey, I hope the new year is not as bad as the year gone by... So cheer up buddy... Hopefully we have more of our daru parties...:-P....

Wishing you a happy and a prosperous new year ahead...


Pappul 1/1/09, 11:32 AM  

hey Vikash ... as Amit rightly says ... we all are very proud of you being our friendc ... rather we are lucky enough to have a gem like you in our radius ... I am sure you will come out a stronger person from all this ... here's to prosperity, fame and sheer joy ... Cheers ... !!

Tu raat ko 2 baje bhi bole naa ... to mai nahi aaoonga ... ;) ... mai subah uthke aa jaaoonga ... ;)

Wish you a very happy new year buddy ... !!

Vikash Kumar 1/1/09, 4:15 PM  

Thanks a bunch guyz... for the wishes and support which always helped me ...

@Amit: Yes I will always try keeping the +ve up :)

@Birender: Don't worry dude Daru parties will always be there ;)

@Pappul: thanks yaar .. tu subah aayega na bahot hain [:D]..

and wish you all a fantastic new year ahead :)

Gokul 1/22/09, 7:31 PM  

First of all, a late reply as I was out of blogging for a good 'ol 15 days :).

Yes dude, its been creditable the way you have handled multiple responsibilities - the home, your family and your close ones. I am sure you have evolved manifold as a person and one who values life deservedly. May the new year bring oodles of happiness and joy in the form of whatever you may wish to :).


Vikash Kumar 1/22/09, 8:03 PM  

Thanks a lot Gokul!! Coincidentally I was also out of blogging for some time... so its good that we are back in business now :D ...

Wish you a happy n joyful year ahead.. Cheers!!

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