Monday, August 18, 2008

Lessons in life..

Lessons in life..... you never know when you will learn them. Sometimes there are things you come across which look very insignificant and they make you think and realize things a lot more than you would ever expect. As today I received a series of mails building up a typical love story of a guy who secretly admires a girl but doesn't have guts to talk to her and the girl also likes him but wants him to take the first step. Nothing very interesting in the story and the also ends in a very simple way without a "happily ever after" touch. The story was written as diary entries by the Guy and the girl and in between on behalf of God, when he is supposed to help and a common friend .

The story in brief is .. the guy (Niru) and the girl, both s/w engineers, like each other, but their hesitation has kept things to them. Finally a common friend (Rajesh) comes and introduces them and he also happens to be the guy on whom the girl had a crush back in college. But Niru and the girl fall in love; and now Rajesh starts loving the girl. But Niru is not yet settled down while Rajesh is; also Niru is going for further studies so the girl must wait for him for 2 years. Meanwhile Rajesh proposes the girl and after thinking over the options .. she chooses practical convinience over her love and Niru goes ahead with his studies alone. The END!!!

Now there is a briefing at the end by GOD,

God: ok. Here is the end of this story, not particularly unique; in fact a very common one. You might be expecting me to interfere in it at the eleventh hour and change the ending so that either; before the bus starts, She runs to the bus and gets into it and goes with Niru to Mumbai or probably when the bus is about to leave, Niru jumps out and hugs her or Rajesh feels something wrong and just takes her on bike and follows the bus just to stop it and make her get into the bus for Niru and so on? Nopes. This is not a hindi film. This is a real life story and not a reel life one.

She took the decision after evaluating each option she had. She had thought practically in every aspect. Won't interference by me be just an injustice to her thoughts? Won't it be just a wrong deed on my side and that too just to please some others without any particularly sensible reason? It's her life she will have to make her own decisions and will have to bear their consequences herself. Well that's what life is all about, you make decisions everyday some important and some not so, some right and some not that right, only time will tell if those decisions would make you happy or not in the long term. There is nothing like the so called "Happily Ever After", Life's not that simple, where would be the fun in Life if it was that simple?

This was like a great revelation for me.. it just gave me a whole new point of view of looking at things. It's simple, its logical and its obvious.. but never accept the truth that what happens to us is the result of decisions we take, the choices we make.. As it was said by Morpheus in The Matrix, "The problem is choice... and it is you who has to make your choice." It's easy to do/leave things in the god's name and the later blame it on him. But the truth remains that we are the victim of our own choices and decisions and that's life. Now that I realize that whatever happens to my life depends on my choices/decisions, I feel more confident and more responsible.

Similarly, once I read the book "The bridges across forever" - by Richard Bach. I never liked the love story genre.. but I still read this one just because I had a crush on a girl and she happen to own and like this book ;) But after reading this book I started looking at relationships from a whole new angle.. and that really helped me understand things I wouldn't otherwise. It really made my life very easy.. I was no more hurt when call frequencies dropped from any friend and actually never had bitter relationships with anyone after that. So, I will always thank her for the book :)

I am sure everyone of us learns his/her lessons in life one way or the other.. It's just awesome to look back and ponder over it. Makes our journey all the more interesting.

So, just Waiting for the next lesson....


Pappul 8/19/08, 11:30 AM  

Yeah, very well said. We (and only we) should be responsible for whatever happens in our life. Good or Bad is secondary. The bottom line is that you should have the conviction to stand by your decisions and never fret upon what could have been ... !!

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