Friday, January 4, 2008

A property.. a dream..

Couple of weeks ago I booked a property.. its a 3 Bedroom flat actually and soon I was trapped into financial turbulence and yet not out of it. Most of payable amount is due to be paid over many years towards Home loan. But still there is a sense of achievement about it. It's really a dream come true.. Its just a matter of time and I will have my own home and the pleasure doubles when you know that it was a dream of your parents as well.
We never had a home of our own and so from my childhood my parents always wanted me to have my own home. They were sure I will get it .. mostly because of an astrologer's prediction who also made my "Janma Kundali" ;) but yeah they always believed it and when I told them I booked a flat they were jubiliant. They didn't forget to remind me the accuracy of astrologer .. granting him some margin of error which is the deviation of 5 years :)
Nevertheless It marked accomplishment of my parent's dream and the first step towards my dreams.


Anonymous,  1/7/08, 4:19 PM  

Cool toto, hearty congratulations to you!

Vikash 1/7/08, 4:29 PM  

Thanks a lot Murtu [:)]!!

Prameela 2/20/08, 5:53 AM  

Congratulations :)
I am sure you will be proud of yourselg, you should be

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