Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Interesting trends

Another innovation from Google, a search engine to find the search trends across the globe. You can also compare search trends of many topics. So, I thought it would be interesting to find out the search trends of some hot topics in India.

Here are the results and I found them really interesting, these display a comparison of search trends for some of the most popular topics.

Note: The results are sorted according to the first(primary) key and for them the trends of second topic is given. This is why I had to use Sex as a secondary key otherwise it overshadows all other search keys.

1) Technology vs Sex:

Vellore tops the list of cities searching about technology and interestingly our top IT cities are no where to be found among them. Also, technology seems to be catching up as the hottest thing for people to search.

2) Music vs Sex:

Anand & Goa are top the list for Music search.

3) Technology vs Music:

4) Music vs Technology:

Last two trends are most interesting, notice that where Technology is the hot topic to search, people are hardly looking for music (supposedly in the city of geeks), but the cities where Music is hot, Technology also holds the similar importance for them.


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