Friday, August 18, 2006

My latest crush - "Geography"

Yes, it’s true... Geography is the latest on my crush list and I am falling in love with it. I am beginning to realize how ignorant I have been so far. I realized that I barely knew anything about the vastness of our “small” world, Thanks to and Google Earth. It’s just the beginning and I have way to go.

To keep my enthusiasm alive I keep on finding interesting facts. Some of them might be interesting for you as well. So here we go.

Lesotho (Capital - Maseru) is the only country in the world which is surrounded from all sides by land and shares its international border with only one country (South Africa).

Bermuda Triangle’s
three vertices are
1) Miami
, Florida, United States

2) Puerto Rico
, United States

3) Bermuda

And interestingly these vertices are approximately 1000 Miles apart from each other forming an Equilateral Triangle.


Aditi 8/18/06, 8:44 PM  

Google Earth has made geography infintely more interesting!

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