Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Quick Wok

I had been to Yana the sizzler joint on FC Road today with few friends. This time I decided against any sizzler and went for the dish which even they recommend - The Quick Wok. It’s a Chinese preparation in which you get to choose what you want.

The items which you can choose from are
1) Rice / Noodles
2) A wide range of assorted vegetables
3) Meat (Chicken Salami slices were the only option here)

You get a bowl and you can pick whatever you like from the above mentioned items in any combination. Now you got to decide on a sauce in which the dish will be prepared. They offer variety of sauces sequenced from sweet to hot. My friend chose to go for Italiano sauce (It has a tomato base and it was in the least hot or I would say sweet category) and I chose Black Bean sauce (Medium spicy) which turned out to be very tasty. After this you give the bowl to Chef and he just fries it in the sauce and very little oil on hot flames and in less than 5 mins The Quick Wok is ready.

It was really a pleasure to eat and really healthy meal. I liked the preparation and I am determined to try The Quick Wok with really hot sauce soon.

And if you are really hungry ... try Ginger Bread there, but be aware that you get one full bread loaf with garlic butter plus some extra garlic to annoy some people, right Aditi?? ;) .... But the garlic bread was yummy and way better than the one you get at Pizza Hut.

Now my eyes are already starting to close. So, good night and bye for now :)


Ajay 4/27/06, 10:23 PM  

man ive never been to Yana's . it that gud
im hungry ....
vaishali is d best
okai okai even yana's is gud
but i believe kobe sizzlers r just the best no ?

Vikash 5/17/06, 2:07 PM  

Hey Yana sizzlers are anytime better than Kobe's. I have not been to Kobe's I have heard enough to make sure I don't go there. better places for sizzler are Yoko's and The Place...

James Baker 6/10/06, 1:33 PM  

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