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HOLI - The festival of Colors

Holi- Most colorful festival amongst innumerable festivals of India. The festive's preamble begins on the night of full moon in early March every year. Bonfires are lit on many places this ritual is called Holika Dahan. After this the Holi celebrations differ from place to place. In north, we play Holi on the next day of Holika Dean. In Maharashtra, play of colors is reserved for Rang Panchami (the 5th day after Holi). Apart from the day of celebration style of playing Holi also changes from place to place. Most interesting of them is the "LATHI MAAR HOLI".

But at my place (Bihar) and some other states from North we play Holi in two sessions.


Duration: 8:00am - 1:00pm

Mission Statement: "Soak everyone in Color".

Teenagers and Adults roam in groups and put color on everyone they come across. This can sound a bit crazy but this is the way it is :) Kids take charge generally on rooftops, ready with buckets of color and many means (mugs/color guns/color balloons and anything they can find useful) to throw color on anyone passing by.

Result: you cannot cross a street without getting soaked in color.

Break Time:

Duration: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Everyone gets cleaned up and eats well to get ready for Phase II.


Duration: 4:00pm - 10:00pm

Everyone gets dressed in traditional wears and carries 'Gulaal' (dry colors) along. It’s the time to meet all the people you know in your time now. We visit everyone we know put gulaal on them. People welcome you with variety of delicious dishes prepared specially for Holi and you just cannot refuse to feast on them.

The next day is spent in cleaning up yourself, clothes, your home and taking rest.

img: me (2nd from left :D ) and my team

It has been Six years now since I have been home for Holi. But this Holi reminded me of Holi at my home. This Holi my office was working but I took leave to play Holi and it was really great.

In first session, I went to my friends and played Holi with them. Though I couldn't play Holi with some of my friends which I really wanted to but still it was great fun to color everyone and get colored in turn. I went to my office as well and put color on my friends who were working that day, they must be thanking me for giving them taste of Holi free of cost ;)

In second session, I was taken by surprise. I was all cleaned up and went to a friend's place for "MAALPUA" (a sweet made on the occasion of Holi in North). Suddenly our few friends (who were working that day) appeared at his place and they colored both of us. I was not expecting anything of this sort so I was furious initially but was soon started enjoying. I really thank them for reminding me of the Holi I used to play.

Now I am determined to play next Holi at home :)

Perhaps I will have to play one more round of Holi on Rang Pachami, I am ready to enjoy that in advance now :)

Happy Holi to all of you.


~Anushka~ 3/20/06, 2:22 PM  

wowww malpuaa.. :O
is jealous ..!

happy holi to u too :)

Vikash 3/20/06, 3:41 PM  

Hey anushka thanx. I wonder being from Mumbai, how u r fond of Malpuaas?

by the way Happy "Rang Panchami" to you :)... I guess it is today only.

~Anushka~ 3/23/06, 12:11 AM  

my neighbour makess tasty malpuaa's... i just wait for tht day wen she makes them n sends it to my place:P and btw wot has malpuaas got to do wid mumbai?

Vikash 3/23/06, 6:13 PM  

coooool Malpuaa from neighbour sounds good :) And Malpuaa is supposedly North Indian sweet. Apparantely most (98%) people I hv met in last 6 years didn't even know about them, hence the surprise nothing else.

sushilsingh 3/18/08, 12:47 PM  

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